Organise Your Dental Examination at Our Practice in Theydon Bois

To maintain good oral health, regular dental examinations are essential. Upon inspecting your teeth and taking an X-ray, a treatment plan is created for you to rectify any problems found.
Carrying Out a Full Dental Examination

Upon your first visit to our practice, your dentist takes your full medical history and carries out a thorough dental examination. During the check-up, your dentist inspects your teeth, the soft tissues inside of your mouth, your jaw points and the outside of your mouth. An in-depth mouth x-ray is also taken along with small ones of your teeth. Your dentist then proceeds to explain any problems found in your x-ray that may be affecting your oral health.

After a thorough examination has been completed, a tailored treatment plan is created for you showing any costs involved. Please be assured, you do not have to decide whether you want to proceed with the treatment at your examination, we are more than happy for you to take the plan home.

Following NICE Guidelines

Routine dental examinations are tailored to your needs and vary from a 3 month to 2-year interval following NICE guidelines. In every check-up, a full examination of your teeth, soft tissues, gums and jaw points is conducted. Upon analysing the results, your dentist devises a treatment plan to help you maintain good oral health.