Orthodontic Treatments

Improve the appearance of your teeth with one of our cosmetic braces. This treatment is suitable for adults who want to bring out that winning smile!

Visit our friendly Dental Practice to discuss fixed Cosmetic Braces to help achieve a perfect smile.

Improve the appearance of your teeth with one of our fixed cosmetic braces. To fit your fixed cosmetic brace, healthy tooth tissues do not have to be removed which means you can achieve a perfect smile without the inconvenience of removing veneers or crowns. To find out more about our adult cosmetic braces, contact our orthodontists in Theydon Boise, Essex.
Creating Stunning Smiles with Fixed Cosmetic Braces

Achieve the smile of your dreams with a fixed cosmetic brace. As one of our most in-demand treatments, fixed cosmetic braces are an effective way to straighten your teeth. Once the teeth have moved into a position you are happy with, a retainer is then fixed onto your teeth to keep them in place.

Conveniently, healthy tooth tissues including veneers or crowns do not have to be removed when placing a cosmetic brace on your teeth. Depending on how your teeth move, you could have your brace removed within 6 months. Attain a straighter smile with a fixed cosmetic brace!